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If you are unable to access your website (firewall block)

If you are unable to access your website or email at RedyHost, this article will help you to identify if your IP address was blocked by our security system.

Why your IP address may be blocked

RedyHost deploys an active and intelligent security system, which sometimes may decide that a valid action is a malicious one and block your IP address. Such block results in the inability to access your website, email and RedyHost support portal.

The example of activities that may result in IP address block are:

  1. Large number of failed login attempts into your CMS backend or a mailbox,
  2. Sending spam,
  3. SQL injection or XSS attack,
  4. Attempt to upload malware of virus-infected file or email.

How long the IP address block should last

The security system blocks an IP address for short period of time. If actions considered malicious continue, the security system will extend firewall block and may cause noticeable block periods.

Confirm if your IP address is blocked

To check if your IP address is blocked, go to this page http://www.atomicrbl.com/lookup

What to do when your IP address is blocked

If it is showing any results, please email your support request to support@redyhost.com so we can resolve this for you.

Please provide your IP address, which is available by visiting https://www.whatismyip.com or a similar website.

Updated on 7 June, 2017

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