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WordPress-as-a-Service – First steps

Congratulations on your new WordPress-as-a-Service order. Your new WordPress website is provisioned almost instantly and you may only need to update domain name DNS in order for your new website to work.

Your domain name is hosted elsewhere

If your domain is managed elsewhere, you need to make one change to your domain zone record.

Update the A record and point it to the IP address listed in the welcome email. An example DNS record should look like this:

yourdomainname.com. A 3600 redyhost-ip-address

When you have problems with www. prefix – just check that your domain CNAME zone record exists and points to the main domain. This is an example of the domain CNAME record for www. prefix

www.yourdomainname.com CNAME 3600 yourdomainname.com

If you are unsure about the right action, please contact the support department of your current domain name provider.

Your domain name is hosted with RedyHost

In most cases, no action is necessary. However, if you encounter any issues, check your nameservers. They should be

  • ns1.truecms.com.au
  • na2.truecms.com.au

Updated on 7 June, 2017

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